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Blaidd, The Half-Wolf, with Nokron in the Background

Let us step once more into the intricate world of Elden Ring, where characters are forged by destiny, duty… or other motives, which can sometimes be nasty (I am looking at you, Mohg). Among these enigmatic figures, Blaidd the Half-Wolf captures our imagination with his blend of strength and tragedy. In this article, we will explore Blaidd’s lore, from his origins, his unwavering loyalty to Ranni, and to the heartbreaking conclusion of his story. 

The Origins of Blaidd 

Let us start the lore of Blaidd the Half-Wolf, with a surprise: Blaidd was not technically born… at least not in the traditional sense. He was created by Ranni the Witch’s Two Fingers, to serve her as her Shadowbound Beast (or in short, Shadow).  

Shadowbound Beasts are beastly warriors assigned to an empyrean to be their loyal guardians, even though the relationship they establish with their chosen master surpasses the sole sense of duty. Blaidd, along with Maliketh, The Black Blade, are the only known Shadowbound Beasts in the lore of Elden Ring. These beings are depicted as characters that will go to impossible lengths to protect their empyrean.  

Not only does it seem like Shadowbound Beasts are engineered to not be able to betray their master, but this feeling of loyalty is also highlighted by being part of their empyrean’s family from the moment they come to life.  
Proof of this is given to us by War Counselor Iji, Blaidd’s close friend and ally, who says: 

Blaidd is Lady Ranni’s stepbrother.  
Ranni’s mother, Queen Rennala, approved of him, and they played like siblings from childhood. 

– War Counselor Iji

Blaidd was bound to Ranni no matter what happened. 
Even when the unthinkable sealed Blaidd’s fate for the worst. 

Blaidd’s involvement into Ranni’s Ambitions. 

We can’t talk about Blaidd without briefly mentioning Ranni the Witch. Ranni is behind some of the major events that transform the Lands Between into what we experience when walking them as the Tarnished… She was the one who defied the Golden Order and killed (well, partially) Godwyn the Golden, in a ritual to free herself from her empyrean body.  

If you are interested in a better understanding of the Lore concerning Ranni the Witch, I highly advise you to read this article I wrote about it

Even though Ranni’s choices stood directly against Blaidd’s very own reason to exist, the Half-Wolf decided to join her in her quest for freedom, sealing the deal by swearing an oath. The description of Blaidd’s weapon, the Royal Greatsword, gives us some more insight into this moment: 

In defiance of the fate he was born to, Blaidd swore to serve no master but Ranni. As proof. the sword was imbued with a cold magic at the moment oath was sworn. 

So now you might ask yourself: “But, wait! Didn’t Ranni free herself already? Why doesn’t she just let the whole situation go and fly into the sunset or something like that?” 
While she freed herself from her empyrean body, she did not free herself from the grasp of The Greater Will. Ranni’s Two Finger could not accept a betrayal of this magnitude and kept trying to murder Ranni over and over. 

Blaidd’s role did not change, only his enemies. Killing the enemies of the Golden Order or the Order itself did not matter to him. He would have done everything to protect Ranni. 

Blaidd’s Quest for Nokron, Eternal City

Blaidd, now part of a rogue group consisting of him, Iji, Preceptor Seluvis, and Ranni at the head, starts executing a plan to free themselves from the Two Finger’s reach. As the Tarnished, we may be part of this scheme, which will eventually lead us to an alternative ending, called “The Age of Stars”.  

We can meet Blaidd in Mistwood Ruins, Limgrave. He is standing on top of those ruins and will come down after learning to snap our fingers from Merchant Kalè. Yeah, I know, bizarre. 

Blaidd’s Hunt for Darriwil

In our first conversation with the Half-Wolf, we are introduced to Blaidd’s current task: the hunt for Darriwil, a Bloodhound knight turned traitor.  
While it is not completely explained why Blaidd calls Darriwil a traitor, we can speculate that the Bloodhund Knight once served Ranni the Witch when she was still an empyrean but then betrayed her. The most reasonable explanation for Darriwil’s betrayal would be Godwyn’s murder. Godwyn was a beloved figure in the Golden Order, after all. 

Still, it seems that Darriwil’s betrayal was a one-of-a-kind event in the Bloodhound knighthood, since the description for the Bloodhound Knight Armor states that: 

The Bloodhound Knights are trained as hunters and known to be unshakable trackers.
Without the use of language, each knight chooses his own master. Once the decision has been made, the knight stays loyal for life. 

Either we do not have to take this description too seriously, or Blaidd was emphasizing a bit too much on the “Traitor” word. Either way, the Tarnished can decide to track Darriwil down, and summon Blaidd for some jolly cooperation on killing him.  

Searching for Nokron, The Eternal City

Blaidd will part ways with the Tarnished before that and go back to his duties: finding access to Nokron, Eternal City. Somewhere in there, there was a weapon with a very peculiar power, that Blaidd’s master sought: The Fingerslayer Blade, capable to kill a Two Fingers. 

Yes, Ranni’s plan to free herself from her Two Fingers was to simply kill it. 

From there, Blaidd’s lore is a tale of traveling long distances, from Siofra River to Caelid – where he will participate in the Radahn Festival to kill the dreaded Starscourge Radahn – but unfortunately it was not his destiny to continue helping his master… let alone finding the blade.  

Unexpectedly, War Counselor Iji, Blaidd’s closest friend, imprisons our favorite Good Boy in the Evergaol.  

Blaidd ‘s Lore Tragic Ending

Going against his fate as a Shadowbound Beast was no mere ethical dilemma. Being a product of the Golden Order, and more specifically, of Ranni’s Two Fingers, meant that Blaidd would never be able to be free. On the contrary, in case of his empyrean’s treason, he would become their assassin.  

War Counselor Iji explains this to us: 

The Two Fingers gave Blaidd to Lady Ranni, as a faithful follower. Her very shadow, incapable of treachery.  

But if Lady Ranni, as an Empyrean, resists being an instrument of the Two Fingers, the shadow will go mad, transforming from a follower into a horrid curse.  
But such is his destiny. In such matters, Blaidd’s own thoughts hold no weight.  

It pains me so, but he must be neutralized. For Lady Ranni’s sake. 

– War Counselor Iji

Blaidd was created with a failsafe to prevent Ranni from betraying her Two Fingers. The failsafe consisted of depriving Blaidd of his own will, making him go mad and attempting to murder Ranni. It’s Terminator all over again. 

Now, this is where I get a bit confused. If Iji knew of Blaidd’s destiny, why do even letting Blaidd tag along Ranni’s group? And if Iji did not know this before, how did he discover it?  

Well, it is a FromSoftware game, so we have to outline Blaidd’s lore with what scraps of lore we get! 

Blaidd Escapes The Evergaol

Blaidd, trapped in the Evergaol, is worried sick about Ranni’s wellbeing. Iji only told him that he would bring “nought but bale to Lady Ranni” and left him there. Blaidd cannot believe that he would ever be able to harm Ranni, even though he doesn’t know about his own failsafe yet.  

Either the Tarnished frees him or not, Blaidd will manage to escape the Evergaol and make his way to Ranni’s Rise. Despite what Iji said, Blaidd was still his old self, and fought and killed several Black Knife Assassin attempting to Ranni’s life once more. The wolf gained enough time for Ranni to escape from both the Assassins and Blaidd himself.  

But the Two Finger’s curse was starting to take hold inside Blaidd mind, and the Half-Wolf is in a state of conflict. We can hear him talking to himself: 

No. I’m part of her very being! 
I could never betray her! 
No matter what might happen… 
Ranni… She needs me.. 

– Blaidd, the Half-Wolf

These would be his last words, before succumbing to madness. Once the Tarnished will meet Blaidd in Ranni’s Rise, the Half-Wolf will attack the him on-sight, and there is nothing we can do if not killing him out of mercy. 

After that dreadful moment, Iji will recognize his mistake. Blaidd stood loyal until the end.  

Conclusion: Reflecting on Blaidd’s Lore and Legacy in Elden Ring

That was just heartbreaking. Blaidd, like other characters of the caliber of Rennala, is an example of well-written character soaked in tragedy. Blaidd’s story is a poignant reminder of the complex relationships and the bittersweet nature of loyalty in the Lands Between. His unwavering dedication, even in the face of madness, leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter his tale.  

Rest in Peace, favorite Doggo. 

I hope to see you, dear reader, in the next article! I will be more consistent in delivering content from now on since my work-life balance is back to a normal pace now! 

Have an incredible day! 

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