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Melina’s lore is as mysterious as it can be in Elden Ring. I have been wanting to tackle her story for a while now, but the lack of concrete information had always put a stop on the article. But no more. Unlike my other articles on Elden Ring Lore, in this one I will also talk about some of the theories and speculations around this character, trying to dig as deep as possible. 

Grab a drink and get comfy: we are embarking on a very strange journey together. 

Melina’s Lore Origins. 

Melina was born in Leyndell, Royal Capital. More specifically, she was born at the foot of the Erdtree, and while not confirmed, it is widely accepted that Queen Marika, The Eternal, is her mother.  

I know, that’s already a lot to digest. Hints of her connection to Marika are provided by Melina herself, who says to the tarnished: 

I’m searching. 

For my purpose, given to me by my mother inside the Erdtree, long ago. 

We do know only one woman who, by the moment we are stepping foot in The Lands Between, is inside the Erdtree: Queen Marika, now imprisoned for shattering the Elden Ring.  

For the reason that I yet live, burned and bodiless. 

The Melina that we see the first time is a fleeting, ethereal spirit. Incapable of moving on her own. Her figure is scarred by burns that we can notice on her hands, but nobody, not even her, remembers how she got them. 

Melina’s Deal and the Journey to Leyndell 

Melina will then propose a deal to the Tarnished (main character): she will act as their maiden and convert their runes into power, and in exchange lead her to the foot of the Erdtree in hope of remembering the purpose her mother gave her. 

Although serving the tarnished as a finger maiden, she reminds them that she is not one: 

There is something for which I must apologise. 
I’ve acted the Finger Maiden, yet can offer no guidance. 

I am no maiden. My purpose…was long ago lost. 

She does, however, have unique powers during their travel together, like hearing echoes of words said in the past by Queen Marika. If this is given by her connection to Marika or by being a spirit, we cannot know for sure. I like to think that it is because of both reasons. 

Back to Melina’s lore, she will help the Tarnished during their journey to the capital, and once reached, she will bid farewell and leave us to discover her purpose. 

The Thorns Blocking the Path, and Melina’s New Purpose 

Fire Giant, via Fandom

The Tarnished will journey within Leyndell and reach the foot of the Erdtree, clashing with Morgott, the Omen King. You may want to read the article I wrote on Morgott, by the way. Our main character will eventually defeat the Omen and discover that the path to enter the Erdtree is blocked by thorns. Melina will join back with the Tarnished, saying that she understood her purpose: to burn the Erdtree and grant us access. She will ask us to journey to the Mountaintops of the Giants and acquire the Flame of Ruin. 

Following this path will lead us to a new snowy region and terrible, hateful enemies like the Death Rite Bird. Good luck with that thing, by the way. We will make our way to the top to fight the last Fire Giant alive, cursed by Marika to tend his dear Flame of Ruin. Melina will put us to sleep and sacrifice herself to wield the power of the Flame of Ruin, setting the Erdtree Ablaze. Her purpose is finally achieved; she will finally be able to rest. 

The End…? Turns out, there is another way to burn the Erdtree, and without sacrificing Melina in the process. Just prepare yourself because she is not going to be happy about it. 

The Lord of Chaos Ending and Melina’s New Hunt 

Whenever we defeat Morgott, the Omen King, another hidden path opens to the Tarnished. At the very bottom of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, an illusory wall hides a door that can be opened only by removing every piece of clothing. Melina will try to stop us during our path, saying: 

If you intend to claim the frenzied flame,  
I ask that you cease. 

It is not to be meddled with. 

It is chaos, devouring life and thought unending. 

For some reason, she really doesn’t want us to acquire the curse of Frenzied Flame. Probably she is just against the idea of destroying all life (because that is what the Frenzied Flame wants) … but I’d like to share a theory with you: What if Melina used the Frenzied Flame curse in the past?  

Shabriri and the Three Fingers 

An image of Shabriri possessing Yura's body.

While in the mountaintop of the Giants we may meet an NPC possessing the dead body of Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, named Shabriri. Shabriri is considered the worst human being in the history of the Lands Between and the first follower of the Frenzied Flame. He will reveal to us that letting Melina channel the Flame of Ruin will take her life and will try to convince us to seek the Three Fingers, who will give us the power of the Frenzied Flame.  

The fact that he is a spirit possessing someone else’s body, a bit like Melina does with us, was the first thing that set off my chain of thoughts. Another clue was Melina’s sealed eye, which is covered in a strange tattoo. That tattoo indeed represents three fingers. If the Tarnished meets with the Three Finger, they will be enveloped by it, scarring their body with the Frenzied Flame curse. As said before, Melina’s body is scarred by burns, so what if she joined the Frenzied Flame in the past and ended up burning completely because of being consumed by the curse? 

Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure. I also do not believe that we are going to know more about it with the release of Elden Ring’s DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree. 

If the Tarnished opted for meeting with the Three Fingers, Melina will speak with us one last time before leaving us: 

You…have inherited the frenzied flame. 

A pity. You are no longer fit. 
Our accord ends here. 
But remember… 

Should you rise, as the Lord of Chaos,  
I will kill you, as sure as night follows day. 

Such is my duty, for allowing you the strength of runes.  
Goodbye, my companion. 

Once the Tarnished will burn the Erdtree and fight against Radagon and the Elden Beast, the Frenzied Flame will transform our character into the new Lord of Chaos. We will be able to see a cutscene starring a Melina with her sealed eye now open, making a solemn vow: 

Lord of Frenzied Flame… 
I will seek you, as far as you may travel… 
To deliver you what is yours. 

Destined Death. 

After having destroyed all life, the Tarnished has now a new sworn enemy. 

Additional Theory: Is Melina an Empyrean? 

There is no certainty regarding Melina being an Empyrean. As Elden Ring lore goes, there are two ways in which we can be certain of somebody being an Empyrean. The first one is to be chosen by a Two Fingers, the vassal of the Greater Will. The second one is to be born from a single God.  

The Remembrance of the Rot Goddess does not leave any doubt about it: 

Miquella and Malenia are both the children of a single god.

As such they are both Empyreans, but suffered afflictions from birth. 

What if, Melina is indeed born of a single god? We already speculated that she is Marika’s daughter, that would leave us to understand who her father was. Her hair is surely a mix of Radagon and Marika’s colors, and she does follow the naming style of Miquella and Malenia. If that were the case, Melina would have been an empyrean.  

Dozens of Reddit posts speak of a theory in which Melina is in reality the Gloam-Eyed Queen, the leader of the Godskin Apostoles. If this were true, it would rule out the theory that she is born of a single god, since the Gloam-Eyed Queen was chosen by a Two Finger to be an Empyrean. Even though this is an interesting and audacious theory, I don’t think it is a concrete one. The only real hint for the theory to be true is Melina mentioning Destined Death while threatening the Tarnished, then Lord of Chaos.  

But hey, only Miyazaki knows the truth! 


I love speculating, even though there is a strain of professionalism that blocks me from indulging too much in it. It is still a From Software game, therefore theories and speculations are the only way to connect the dots to paint a full picture of the events happening! I really hope that you liked this article on Melina’s lore. I wrote other articles regarding Elden Ring’s lore that you may want to have a look at! In the meantime, I wish you a great day, and I’ll see you in the next one! 

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